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Migdalia Dominguez real estate agent websites near ocala
Migdalia Dominguez real estate agent websites near ocala

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 2015, decided to explore the possibility of buying a property in Ocala, Florida. I moved that same year but I kept working remotely for my old job, a law firm located in Puerto Rico. Evergreen fields, clear springs, beautiful sunsets, and friendly people, made me feel welcome as if I was in my beautiful Puerto Rico. Because I love nature and the tranquility that is present in this beautiful place, I decided to make Ocala my permanent home and take the opportunity to pause and reset my goals.

I have two beautiful daughters with whom I enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures; rode a motorcycle with my husband to Quebec City, Canada in a 10-day roundtrip; drove to Yellowstone and San Francisco for another wonderful road trip. My hobbies include reading and I love poetry.

How did I end up in the Real Estate business? It all started with wanting to support my oldest daughter's desire to transition into this new professional challenge. I saw her go through the process of studying, learning, and obtaining her Real Estate license in record time. She has been very successful and is my great inspiration to explore this new opportunity, which I join with great enthusiasm and desire to serve.

A licensed Real Estate Agent with more than 30 years of professional experience in business administration, specifically in legal services, qualify me as a person with high standards, honesty, confidentiality, responsibility, and strong professional ethics. I am committed to find new Homes For Sale and to always provide the best Real Estate service to my customers.

Migdalia Dominguez

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