Part 4 - How to prepare your house to sell it

Hello, my name is Migdalia Dominguez, REALTOR® in Florida. With this article, we conclude with the topic of Ideas to increase the value of your home and make it more attractive for sale. In this article, I will discuss preparing the rooms and finishing touches for a prospective buyer's visit.


The light, mainly natural, influences the mood of the people; the brighter the room is, the happier they will feel. Set times of the day when natural light enters through the windows to show your home; keep curtains and windows open. A clean and orderly home is essential to increase buyer interest.

1. Change all the doors in the rooms. Depending on the condition they are in, possibly a good paint and handle change will suffice.

2. Forget cheerful or too bright colors in the rooms; we don't all have the same tastes and it could create a negative effect. Use neutral colors (white or off-white) on the walls. Provide good lighting with bright “LED” bulbs. This will create the feeling of spaciousness and freshness that we are looking for.

3. A good distribution of space is important. Position the bed and furniture in such a way that they give an image of spaciousness. Make sure the room is not cluttered with furniture, tables, pictures, desks, etc.

4. Lay out your best bedding, cushions, curtains, and area rugs. Show off the master bedroom and bathroom. For decorating ideas, visit new housing and open house projects. These offer impact decorations that you can match with items you already own and others at low cost. It is a matter of knowing how to arrange and combine them.

5. Closets must be in good condition and orderly. Add a flavoring (fresh or white linen is a scent that everyone likes).

6. Important: Do not leave valuables in sight.

Other areas:

1. Depersonalize the spaces. Delete family photos from the entire home. Remove furniture or decorations that may seem too stuffy, uncomfortable, or unpleasant to someone who wants to buy your home.

2. Keep the canopy and cabinets clean and in order. Eliminate everything that no longer has any use. It will look more spacious and clean.

3. If you have a pet (dog and/or cat), you must keep them locked up during the visit for the safety of the visitors. You can also ask a neighbor or family member to take care of it during the prospective buyer's visit. There are people allergic to animal hair and others who refuse to buy a house where cats or dogs have lived. Don't forget to put away all your pets' toys.

4. Take care to thoroughly clean the carpets and furniture in the house to eliminate hair and animal odor. Wash window curtains and bedding, which may have absorbed pet odors. A mild air freshener will be very helpful.

5. Make sure all teams work properly. You will earn the trust of buyers by showing them a house where the heating and air conditioning, the switches, the window operators, the water heater and the appliances such as: washing machine, dryer, stove, refrigerator, microwave and washing machine work of dishes.

6. Many home buyers start their search online; High-quality photos showing every angle of the property are an important factor in making the first impression count. Prepare your home for the best possible photos.

The tips in these four articles can help you make buyers more attracted to your property. When a home is ready for the buyer to move in without doing much or nothing, the sales process and a satisfactory offer are accelerated.

In the first article, I asked you to look at your property through the buyer's eyes, which is the best way to find the property's weaknesses and modify them. Once the work is finished, let's look again through the eyes of a potential buyer. Ask yourself, would you buy your home?

Congratulations, you are ready for an appraisal, take the best photos of your property, and place it on the market for sale.

If you need help selling your home, I am here for you.

See you soon...

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